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Best of John Green’s Books (My Opinion)

John Green is one of my favorite authors. I don’t think he is overrated at all. Everyone becomes overrated when they become famous. People start saying the person who becomes famous overrated. That’s what usually happens. John Green who’s famous now is not overrated in my opinion.

Moving on, I’ve read all of John Green’s books. And these are the best of all in my opinion (feel free to disagree though)

  1. Paper Towns

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Paper Towns is a book about a boy who loves the amazing, mysterious, awesome neighbor girl. He refers to the girl as a miracle and he is in love with the girl for years but unable to tell her since he is… well, she is popular, he is not and they haven’t talked for years. One day, she barged in through the window and asked him to join her seeking revenge for those who did her wrong. It was an amazing night and the next day, the girl is gone. Poof. Leaving clues though and the boy is following the clues; trying to imagine being her, where she went to, and stuff. The book is very profound to me, people are constantly misunderstood and we always cling onto our idea of the person. Paper towns is a must read if you’re trying to read John Green’s.

2. Looking for Alaska

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This book is the first book of John Green. It’s kind of similar to Paper Towns (the characters) but it’s intended because John Green is trying to fix Looking for Alaska by making Paper Towns. It’s like a revision thing though I don’t see anything wrong with Looking for Alaska. Well, I read that somewhere so I apologize if the above information is wrong. There’s a guy with the nickname of Pudge who transferred to a boarding school to seek for The Great Perhaps. Down the hall, he meets this sexy, amazing, fantastic, and more positive adjectives and in short, he fell in love. This story is tragic and angsty and you should read it. After you read it, nothing is ever the same.

3. The Fault in Our Stars

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This book is full of metaphors and I am extremely fond of the metaphors. This novel is a novel that makes John Green even more well-known and it’s very popular. Though, the teenagers talk in ways too intelligent for teens but that’s understandable I guess and that’s what makes the book even more interesting. The title is taken from Shakespeare (“The fault is not in our stars but in ourselves”). It tells a tale of a boy and a girl with terminal illness who crosses path and fall in love with each other. It deserves a place for your must-read list.

Do you agree with my list?