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Manga & Anime Review: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

If you were thinking of reading something not too serious, something lighthearted, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is definitely the answer.

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It’s funny as heck and I just can’t hold back my laughter every time I watched Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and I still laughed even though I know what’s going to happen. Well, I laugh rarely when I watch movies/animes so really, Gekkan Shoujo is a very great anime as well as manga.

The characters are just so ridiculous and anti-mainstream. My personal favorite is Kashima though. She is just so clueless and honest lol. So anyway, totally recommended!


Manga Review: Horimiya

I don’t know if this manga is well-known or not – all I know is that this manga is very interesting and fun to read and that, Miyamura is sexy with his long hair.

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If you think this is the regular shoujo manga (well, I must admit that shoujo manga is not my cup of tea, I find it rather annoying in fact), you’re very mistaken.

So, this manga tells a story about high school boy and girl who hide their true selves. The boy, Miyamura, is a nerdy boy in class but outside of class, he is actually a boy with pierces and stuff while Hori is a popular girl at school but she is actually just a regular girl who does the house chores for the sake of his little brother.

You won’t find the perfectionist, capable of anything and seemingly flawless character in Miyamura but that’s what makes the manga even more interesting and fun and just more realistic. Miyamura is a guy who makes mistakes and clumsy at times and he doesn’t do anything perfectly as well but he is always able to comfort Hori and that’s the most important thing in relationship I think. Also, the manga does not always center around the relationship of Hori and Miyamura – and you know, life is not always about your boyfriend or girlfriend. I think the characters development in the manga are good.

This is one of my favorite romance mangas. Though I wouldn’t say the same for the anime, the art is ordinary and the I feel like the seiyuu doesn’t fit Hori at all. But seriously, you should try reading the manga if you were seeking for a good read; it’s very entertaining and the characters are likable (in my opinion).

Black Butler: The Reasons To Watch It

Black Butler is such a good anime – it’s one of my all-time favorites. It’s just so good seriously. And the story is enticing and got me hooked with Ciel Phantomhive’s cold and ruthless demeanor and the perfectionist butler, Sebastian Michaelis. Not to mention the anime or manga is set in the 1800’s era and oh, it’s just charming – the surrounding, crime cases and all.

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Sebastian and Ciel (Look how devilish they look, gosh)

The anime or manga also has some real cases in it like Jack the Ripper case and that is probably one of the reasons why you should try watching it.Well, for those who don’t know, Black Butler is about a young Earl named Ciel Phantomhive seeking revenge for the ones who killed his parents and kidnapped him with the help of a demon in disguise of a butler with the exchange of his soul. Aside from that, Earl Phantomhive has the nickname of Queen’s Watchdog, Aristocrat of Evil, Villainous Nobel, Evil Nobleman, and well, Smile since he never really smiles.

With historical background and such, what’s not to love about this anime?

The anime has these cool crime cases as well – sometimes tragic, angsty, mysterious, and more. But it never failed to amaze me – especially Black Butler Book of Circus – it’s my favorite out of the other series since it’s very tragic and sad yet at the same time, so effing wonderful sobsobsob. Well done, Yana Toboso.

So seriously, for those who love cases, actions, and more, you should try watching Black Butler! Oh, and those who love yaoi should probably check it out – it’s never confirmed you know, but it’s implied here and there and asdfghjklidoloveitandihopetheylivehappilyeverafter.

Personally, the reason why I really love Black Butler is because of this particularly charming character – Ciel Phantomhive. I know that everyone else usually ogle at this so-called charming butler but Ciel. is. a. beautiful. creature.

And his cold demeanor and his intelligence and his lack of feelings – I especially love the way Ciel copes with the traumatic experience he had – not depending on anyone else, doesn’t trust much people, and cynical and he speaks reality and the pain he had gone through just seemed so real and he just seemed so strong and as Sebastian puts it, delicious. 

At the time, when I watched the anime, I was feeling pretty depressed but Ciel helped me learn ways to cope with it – that I can only trust myself, stand up on my own, relies on myself and myself only and lastly, be realistic. Ciel is realistic in my opinion, he isn’t seeking revenge for the sake of his parents but for himself. He knows it won’t do his parents any good.

FYI, I support SebastianxCiel. They are so cute together lol.

Do you know that Ciel means Heaven in French?