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the most random thing ever

A few simple interests can’t define me – and it won’t.

I’m a person with lots of interests, passions, and a lot more other things. To begin with, I love reading, writing, i love drawing, i love pretty words with pretty meanings, hidden meaning behind some words, i love something quirky and i love standing on the edge of something – both metaphorically and literally. I love drawing things. I sometimes dislike things people like. I hate romance, cliched novels. I love that band not many people know about and a lot more other things and those things sum it all up and come in the form of me.

I won’t be limited with just a few interests and I will talk about the things I want to and hopefully some of the things I talk about will interest some of you. Mostly, I just want to be heard and mainly, this is an assignment actually.

To make it specific and practical though, I will tell you about the things i would like to talk about. I love doing fictional character analysis and i like quirky characters. Strong, powerful women who have opinions of their own. I love the manic pixie dream girl trope even though many don’t agree. I also love psychology (which is the reason why i love doing character analysis.) Things with disorders intrigue me and by saying this, i am not in any way making fun of people who suffer from the disorders. I just want to understand them better. I want to talk about movies too – mostly classic movies. I will talk about books too, rants, and more. I will talk about conspiracies and icons. I will talk about animes as well – i mean, maybe people see those as cartoons but they. are. meaningful. and. deep. okay? Let’s just see how it goes.

As once the favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn, in my favorite movie says:sjff_01_img0075

“Never love a wild thing; or you’ll end up looking at the sky.” – Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

What I’m saying is, be wild, be free, embrace yourself.

God, I love that movie.

And I’m just using that as an excuse to attach the quote in my first post ’cause that movie is so fabulous and awesome even though the quote doesn’t really make sense with what i’m talking about.

Well, good day everyone!